Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sporty: 50 inch waist

Confession .... I have a beer belly. Yes it's true, I do. I can't deny it anymore. The picture to the right is of a man with a "beer belly" ... a 50 inch waist.
My waist is 52 inches!!! I know I'm fat and in danger of all sorts of health risks but seeing this picture really brings the message home.
So in the spirit of confession, here are my stats and goals:
Pounds to Lose = 118.2
Body Fat % to Lose= 21.9
Inches to Lose = 55
Starting Wt = 248
Goal Wt = 128
Current Wt = 246.2
Body Fat %
Starting BF% = 45.9
Goal BF% = 24
Current BF% = 45.9
Chest = 54 1/2
Waist = 52
Hips = 51
Beer Belly = Motivation


Ginger said...

GOOD VISUAL! I took a few belly pics last night...was planning to post a doctored image and then thought better of it. Ha ha. Thanks for putting up your encouraged me to (finally) contact someone at the Y for an assessment!

Posh said...

Ok...visuals are always helpful... logged on to this site and nearly passed out as the "beer belly" greeted me...

MissXXL said...

Hey this is an AWESOME blog--very inspiring! I wish you guys the best, and Ill be back!

Sporty said...

Hi MissXXL - thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hi I was searching Google as I wanted to learn more about weight loss. I started at 54 inch waist and 18 and half stones (UK) or 259 Lbs.
Ive been on a weight loss programme for four weeks and have lost 10lbs. My waist is now down to 51 inches.
I had a heart scan last week and it scared me so much that I am 100% zeroed in on becoming a better shape.
I quit all booze and eat according to the food pyramid (see CDC.GOV)
I am one determined old guy!!

Dave The Old Guy said...

I had a heart scare last week. I was hospitalized after chest pains. Apparently I have had 1 heart attack already. YIKES!

I have now lost 15lbs (1Stone 1 Lb, or 7Kg). My fat stomach now measures 49.5 inches.

I have still quit drinking booze and am still focussed. (More so than ever)

Im getting there!

The determined Old Guy!

Dave said...

17th May 2009
Well, Im here again. I found out on friday that Ive also got gall stones, 2 leaking heart valves high BP diabetes.
But im still working at fighting this lot. Im still hardon the diet trail but I only managed to lose 1 Kg (2,2Lbs) in the past couple of weeks. Ive redoubled my efforts and am getting on with the battle.
Good luck to all you triers out there.
The determined Old Guy!

Ginger said...

Good luck Dave!!

The determined old guy. said...

Thanks for your comment.
Im sorry to have hijacked this blog. I had NO IDEA what blogging was.
I'll sign up for my own blog.

I wish you all the success in the World.

Dave The D.O.G.

The Weight Loss Debutante said...

I now feel sick.
I measure the exact same.

Anonymous said...

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